Samsung 970 Pro NVMe SSDs are ready to take a licking

Along with the 970 EVO drives we reviewed this morning, Samsung is updating its professional-grade NVMe gumsticks. The new 970 Pro series of SSDs offers Samsung's latest 64-layer V-NAND in an MLC configuration for an extra dose of performance potential and endurance. That flash memory takes orders from the higher-clocked and nickel-capped Phoenix controller that we got to examine in depth on the 970 EVO 1 TB.

Samsung  970 Pro
Capacity Max sequential (MB/s) Max random (IOps) Price
Read Write Read Write
512 GB 3500 2300 370K 500K $330
1 TB 3500 2700 500K 500K $630

Samsung claims sequential read performance of up to 3500 MB/s and sequential write performance of up to 2700 MB/s from the 970 Pro. For comparison, the drive's claimed sequential read performance is the same as that of the 970 EVO, while its sequential write numbers are just 200 MB/s higher. Random I/O performance comes in similarly close, at up to 500K IOPS for both reads and writes. The 970 EVO posts as much as 500K IOPS for reads and up to 480K IOPS for writes.

Sheer performance isn't really the whole story with Samsung's Pro SSDs, though. As the name suggests, folks shopping for these drives want reliability and endurance, and in that regard, both 970 Pro drives seem ready to deliver. The 512-GB Pro offers a claimed 600 terabytes written endurance figure over its five-year warranty, double that of its 970 EVO counterpart. Similarly, the 1-TB Pro claims a 1.2 petabytes written endurance figure, twice that of the 970 EVO 1 TB.

Storage-hungry pros looking to get their hands on Samsung's latest MLC NVMe SSDs can do so starting May 7. The 512-GB 970 Pro will list for $329.99, while the 1-TB version will carry a $629.99 sticker.

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