GeForce 397.31 drivers ready their mechs for Battletech

When I was a kid, I used to agitate my older brother by playing with his Battletech miniatures. Some thirty years later, I'm here looking forward to playing a new Battletech game. GeForce gamers keen to mount their 'mech and take to the battlefields of the Succession Wars should stop off at Nvidia's site to grab the latest graphics driver, version 397.31. It's Game Ready for Battletech as well as 11 bit studios' Frostpunk.


Besides support for the new games, GeForce driver 397.31 also includes developer preview support for Nvidia RTX through the Microsoft DXR API. You'll have to have a Volta-based GPU to mess with it, though, and right now that means a Titan V card. This driver release also updates Nvidia's Vulkan support to version 1.1 of the API. Far Cry 5, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Frostpunk, and Descenders got SLI profiles in this release, too.


Nvidia took this release as a chance to fix a number of issues, too. Far Cry 5 should stop crashing every few minutes on GeForce GTX 1060 cards. Flickering UI elements on those cards in Rise of the Tomb Raider should also be fixed. Doom should work on machines with HDR mode enabled, now. Firefox should stop causing Terminate Display and Reset (TDR) errors. Finally, folks playing Diablo III with v-sync on and SLI enabled can safely alt-tab once again.

The interplay of technologies like HDR and G-Sync complicates things for driver developers. As a result, there are some issues hanging around. Video playback in Edge on HDR dispalays might cause screen corruption. Far Cry 5 might suffer visual artifacts when using HDR in a non-native resolution. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 might cause the display driver to crash in DirectX 12 mode, and Gears of War 4 might blue-screen the system on Pascal GPUs. Kepler-based GeForce Titans are still not compatible with Threadripper machines.

I didn't cover everything, so hit the full release notes if you're really curious about all the details. If you're a GeForce Experience user, you've probably already got the new driver queued up for download. Otherwise, folks can trod over to the GeForce download site and pick up driver version 397.31. The Windows 10 64-bit installer is here.

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