Adata XPG Spectrix D80 RAM shines RGB LEDs through a liquid cooler

Shout out to my boy Andy who wants to liquid-cool everything in his system. Adata's got just the RAM for him: the XPG Spectrix D80 series. These memory modules have RGB LED lighting, but that's not the most unusual thing about them. As you could guess, they use a form of liquid cooling. The Spectrix D80 appears to be the shipping version of the company's "Jellyfish" project shown at CES 2018.

Adata calls the heatsink on the Spectrix D80s a "hybrid liquid-air cooling" system. We're not sure how effective the liquid is for cooling, since it doesn't connect to any radiators and appears to be contained entirely in a tube on top of the DIMMs. Adata says the non-conductive fluid inside has a low boiling point. It probably looks pretty cool, anyway.

The company says that overclockers can take this RAM to 5000 MT/s transfer rates. The fact that Adata claims to have achieved that earlier this month with its Spectrix D41 modules casts a little doubt on the practical efficacy of the D80's cooling solution, but it certainly can't hurt. You can control the sticks' RGB LEDs using motherboard lighting control utilities from every major brand.

To begin with, these sticks will show up in kits of two or four 8-GB modules. A two-module 16-GB 2666 MT/s kit will run you about $200, and a four-stick 32-GB 2666 MT/s kit should be around $400. Faster 3000 MT/s RAM will run you $210 for a 16-GB dual-channel kit and $420 for 32 GB spread across four 8-GB modules. Later this year, the company intends to bring out even faster modules at speeds up to 5000 MT/s.

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