Cherry's KC 6000 Slim is a laptop keyboard for desktop users

I've heard one remark from novice typists over and over: "I love the way my laptop's keyboard feels. Why aren't there desktop keyboards that feel like laptop keyboards?" Well, there are—you just have to go looking for them. One such model is Cherry's upcoming KC 6000 Slim. This vanishingly thin board uses the company's SX scissor-style keyswitches.

The Cherry SX switches may not be as familiar to TR gerbils as the company's ubiquitous MX mechanical switches, but they're not new. The design is a fairly typical scissor-style rubber dome switch. Cherry rates them for 10 million keypresses on this particular keyboard, and they require 65 cN of force to actuate with a nominal key travel of 2.5 mm. For context, a standard Cherry MX Blue keyswitch takes 50 cN of force and travels 4 mm.

Cherry calls the KC 6000 Slim "ultra-flat." It'll come in layouts for the US and most of Western and Northern Europe's regional variants. There are two color schemes—silver with white keys, or black with black keys. The silver version has teal accents along the bottom of the keycaps, while the black verison gets edgy-looking red accents. The KC 6000 Slim's keycaps are laser-engraved, so you don't have to worry about the lettering rubbing off.

Cherry says the KC 6000 Slim will be available next month for $50.

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