Razer Abyssus Essential sheds old sensor and gains more colors

Razer has updated its entry-level Abyssus mouse, and the new capabilities are enough to bring on a new suffix: the new version of the pointing device is now called the Abyssus Essential. The old "V2" model had a 5000-DPI sensor, which was probably plenty for just about anyone. Even so, the new version has a higher-resolution 7200-DPI sensor and expands its range of selectable lighting colors from just three to more than 16 million.

According to Tom's Hardware, the Abyssus Essential has already been on the market for a while in China, where it wears Razer Jugan badging. Regardless of branding, the mouse is built around a 7200-dpi optical sensor of undisclosed provenance. The button layout is about as simple as it gets on this side of the PC-Mac divide, with two main buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. The manufacturer says the "Hyperresponse" buttons should last for 10 million clicks. One upside of the simple button layout is an ambidextrous design that should suit users that position their mouse on either side of their keyboards.

Users control the rodent's fine-grained adjustments and RGB LED light show with Razer's cloud-based Synapse 3 utility. The Abyssus Essential is part of the company's Chroma family, so the color-changing diodes should dance to the same beat as other Razer peripherals attached to the same PC. Light shows through the Razer logo on the top of the Abyssus Essential and spills out of the mouse's underbelly. Only one lighting zone is present, so the top and bottom will always display the same hue from a palette of 16.8 million colors.

The Abyssus Essential measures 2.5" wide, 4.5" long, and 1.5" tall at its highest point (6.3 cm x 11.5 cm x 3.7 cm). It weighs 2.8 oz (78 g), excluding the mass of the non-detachable, non-braided 6.9' (2.1 m) cable. Razer already has the Abyssus Essential ambidextrous gaming mouse in its online store right now for $50. We're sure it will appear at third-party e-tailers like Amazon and Newegg soon.

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