Asus and ASRock release Z97 firmware updates to counter Spectre

As we reported on Wednesday, folks with Haswell and Broadwell CPUs may be able to get a Spectre-mitigating patch from Windows Update. It's really preferable to have that sort of patch in firmware, though. That way, you'll be protected even if you use a different OS. As it happens, folks using Asus and ASRock motherboards might be in luck. Those two companies have issued firmware updates for many of their Z97 boards that include the latest mitigations in microcode from Intel.

ASRock actually began patching its Z97 boards way back in the middle of March, but we didn't notice until today. TR honcho Jeff noticed that his own Asus Z97-A motherboard had a new beta firmware update available and sent me on a quest. Despite my searching, it seems like only Asus and ASRock have actually released updates for their Z97 boards. ASRock seems to have patched most (if not all) of its Z97 and H97 motherboards. Asus has released updates for most of its Z97 boards, but so far has skipped the H97 chipset. It did release an update for the Q87M-E/CSM, though.

You can click here for a complete list of ASRock's motherboards if you'd like to check yours for an update. Asus owners will need to go here and click "Socket 1150." Folks who want to stay in the loop for future updates can click here for MSI boards (check "Intel Socket LGA1150"), here for Gigabyte, over here for Biostar, and those with ECS motherboards can look on this page. If you think you're already patched, don't forget that you can use InSpectre to easily make sure you're protected against Spectre and Meltdown.

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