Rumor: Leaked video names upcoming Intel and AMD CPUs and chipsets

There are few other industries where people are looking forward as often as in computing. Even if the latest-gen stuff is amazing, it always seems like the next big thing is just around the corner. Neither Intel nor AMD have made any specific announcements about their next moves, but thanks to a presentation that was apparently leaked to the web by accident, we have an inkling of both companies' futures. Thanks to Videocardz who captured snaps of the video before it was removed.

The presentation was created by German IT distributors Bluechip and was apparently a webinar intended to market the company's services and wholesale offerings to its partners. However, Bluechip also included its own roadmaps that reference numerous unreleased and even un-announced Intel and AMD products. The Z490 and B450 chipsets from AMD, second-generation Threadripper CPUs, the Intel Z390 chipset, and another mention of the elusive eight-core Coffee Lake CPU are all present in Bluechip's presentation.

Probably the most interesting news for you gerbils is that the video pins that long-rumored eight-core Intel desktop CPU for the fourth quarter of this year. Contrary to previous rumors, the processor may not be appearing alongside the Z390 chipset after all—the video puts the release of Z390 in the third quarter of this year. However, the presentation does not mention any successor to the X299 chipset, and in fact shows it continuing on through the second half of 2018. That's not all that surprising since Intel's often used its high-end chipset for two generations of CPUs. While the company could be planning a new series of LGA 2066 CPUs, they're likely to still use the X299 chipset.

Bluechip's roadmaps show AMD planning to release a Z490 chipset next month, possibly at Computex. We've heard about this purported release before. If the rumors hold water, Z490 will have an improved PCI Express root hub that upgrades its connectivity to PCIe 3.0 and adds four additional lanes. The slides also show a B450 chipset launching in late July and an X399 refresh together with "Threadripper Gen2" launching in August. We haven't heard a peep of either of those announcements, so they're news to us.

Sadly, the video has been taken down or made private, and its page on Bluechip's site now redirects to the company's home page. You can check out the slides yourself over at Videocardz if you're curious. It's possible that some or all of this is speculation on the distributor's part, but it pretty much lines up with what we've heard before. It seems likely that this information was intended only to be seen by Bluechip's partners and not by the general public. In any case, let us know below what hardware you're looking forward to next.

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