GeForce 397.55 hotfix driver fixes sudden unloading and GTX 1060 woes

Some folks who installed the GeForce 397.31 driver had some very strange problems over the last week. While leaving the machine "without user input," even if it was active otherwise, the driver could be unloaded by Windows 10. That driver version also had specific problems on some GeForce GTX 1060 cards where it would fail to install or crash and then report a Code 43 error in Device Manager. In any case, never fear: Nvidia has released GeForce 397.55 hotfix driver that resolves both of these issues.

Folks who suffered stuttering playback in Netflix will also apparently find relief in this driver. Additionally, this release supports Microsoft's Surface Books and their built-in GeForce cards. That's about it for this minor release, but that auto-unload bug was a doozy. If you grabbed GeForce driver 397.31 and haven't already downgraded, you'd better go ahead and upgrade to 397.55. Likewise, if you're playing Battletech or Frostpunk but skipped the last driver due to these bugs, 397.55 should be safe to swap in. You can get the new driver from Nvidia's support site.

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