Nvidia puts the kibosh on the GeForce Partner Program

What have you heard about the GeForce Partner Program, gerbils? Well, it doesn't really matter, since it's over now. Nvidia put up a blog post today that says the company has decided to cancel the program amid "rumors, conjecture, and mistruths" regarding its nature and function.

In the blog post, Nvidia emphasizes that the GeForce Partner Program (GPP) was about clarity and transparency. Nvidia says it simply wanted to make sure that "gamers who want Nvidia tech get Nvidia tech." It is a little bit difficult to imagine someone walking into a store with the intent to buy a GeForce and walking out with a Radeon on accident, but regardless that seems to be the scenario that Nvidia is presenting.

The company specifically notes that the GPP was not an attempt to take control of its partners' brands. Nvidia goes on to say that its partners agreed with the goal of making sure that the GPU brand was transparent to the purchaser, and not "hidden behind a pile of techno-jargon." This is, again, a little odd given that every board vendor includes the GeForce or Radeon model designation in its graphics card names.

In any case, the GPP is behind us now. Nvidia says it's canceling the program "to avoid any distraction from the super exciting work we're doing." While almost everyone loves Nvidia's efficient GeForce GPUs, the aforementioned rumors and conjecture surrounding the GPP certainly weren't helping Nvidia's public image. No doubt the negative press resulting from the program—justified or otherwise—was another major reason for its cancellation.

It will be interesting to see the impact of the GPP's cancellation on Asus' Arez brand for Radeons. That's to say nothing of other AMD-based articles that lost their premium branding, like Gigabyte's RX 580 Gaming Box. Perhaps soon we'll again see ROG- and Aorus-branded products containing competitor GPUs.

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