Deal of the day: Alienware's AW2518H 240-Hz G-Sync display for $350

What's this, a deal on Monday? That's right, gerbils and gerbilettes. We found something so sweet, so fluffy and warm, that we can't help but invite all of you to see. We're talking about a fantastic deal on the 25" Alienware AW2518H monitor.

A lot of monitors claim to be meant for gaming, but we all know that word's often just another bullet point in marketing materials. We can assure you that that's not the case with the AW2518H, though. This display has an insane 240-Hz refresh rate coupled with Nvidia G-Sync adaptive-refresh-rate technology. Folks, if that combination won't offer smooth gameplay, we don't know what will.

The TN panel's resolution is 1920x1080, probably so that mid-range graphics cards can push FPS counters into the triple digits. Thanks to the 400 cd/m² brightness rating, the display's ULMB mode should prove brighter than most. The contrast ratio is a healthy 1000:1, and response time is naturally around 1 ms. If you're wondering about color reproduction, it's actually pretty good for a TN panel—Tom's Hardware found that once calibrated, the AW2518H offers quite a pretty picture. The monitor gets a five-star rating from Best Buy patrons, too.

Additional niceties include some of the sleekest styling we've seen to ever grace a desk, a stand with height adjustment, RGB LED lighting, and a four-port USB hub. At this monitor's current price, you may as well get more than one—the thin bezels around three sides will easily allow for a triple-head chimera setup.

You can currently get your eager gerbil mitts on the Alienware AW2518H for only $349.99 from Best Buy. That price is probably the lowest we've seen for a monitor with this kind of specs, and it's also one of the lowest for a G-Sync monitor in general. I'd hurry up if I was you.

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