Corsair Obsidian 1000D case gives 'two-in-one' a new meaning

Once in a while, a really unusual case comes along. I'm not talking about crazy designs—in fact, the case we're about to discuss is elegant in its monolithic stature. No, I'm talking about cases purpose-built to serve a niche. Corsair's Obsidian 1000D is the massive glass structure in question. Its looks are somehow both striking and understated, but it's not just a pretty face. This megalith can hold a full E-ATX PC and a complete Mini-ITX rig at the same time.

In case you're severely out of the loop, video game streaming is big business. After all, top streamers can make seven figures a year. You don't become one of the top streamers with mediocre gear, though. Most pro streamers have an second PC dedicated strictly to encoding and broadcasting their video. If you're aiming to be one of the very best but don't really have room for—or don't want to bother with—two whole PCs, maybe you can find a space for the Obsidian 1000D.

Finding a spot for the Obsidian 1000D's magnificent bulk might actually be a challenge. The case's external dimensions are huge so it has room for the eight slots of an E-ATX mobo, plus the motherboard, power supply, and optionally a dual-slot video card for a second machine. The actual dimensions of the case are 27.4" tall, 27.3" deep, and 12.1" wide (69.7 cm x 69.3 cm x 30.7 cm). That gives you room for five 3.5" hard drives and six 2.5" SSDs.

All that hardware's going to make a lot of heat, so there's room for tons of cooling inside the Obsidian 1000D's glass cage. You can actually install eight 120-mm fans in the front of the case and another eight in the top. Two more can go in the back. The top and front spaces can be filled with up to a quartet of 480-mm radiators instead. If you prefer 140-mm fans, you can put three up front and three in the top, but this case was clearly designed for 120-mm spinners.

As a top-end case, the Corsair 1000D naturally includes quite a few fancy features. The case comes with an integrated Commander Pro fan-and-lighting controller. That'll be nice considering that the Obsidian 1000D has an RGB LED logo accent on the front and lights surrounding the ports on its front panel. There are four USB 3.0 ports there, plus two USB 3.1 Type-C ports. There's still the regular old 3.5-mm headphone and microphone jacks too. Those are the only lights included on the case, so if you're an RGB hater, don't fret.

Jokes about its size aside, this is one of the nicest cases I've ever seen. If it seems like just the thing to improve your burgeoning streaming career, keep an eye out. It's currently listed at Amazon for a hefty $500, though it's not in stock yet.

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