Nvidia brings in record revenue for its fiscal Q1 2019

So, how much money is Nvidia making? A whole lot of it, apparently. The company already saw a record fiscal Q4 2018, and now it's published numbers for its fiscal Q1 2019. If you haven't guessed it by now, Nvidia saw record revenue of $3.21 billion, a whopping 66% rise from a year ago. The company pulled in $1.3 billion in operating profit, a 134% jump since a year past. Gross margins increased further to 64.5%—an increase of a 2.6 percentage points on the year. The company attributes that margin growth to "higher value platforms in the GPU segment," which we take to mean sales of high-margin, high-end graphics cards.

The largest piece of the revenue pie is by far the GPU segment, to the tune of $2.77 billion—a 77% increase year-on-year. Most of that cash was made by the gaming sub-subsegment, which accounted for $1.7 billion all by itself and saw a 68% rise from a year ago. Nvidia attributes those gains to the popularity of eSports titles, battle royale-style games, and "AAA cinematic games."

Still under the GPU header, Nvidia says the datacenter business saw 71% year-on-year growth to $700 million in revenue, thanks to its Tesla V100 units, DGX systems, and HPC design wins. Professional visualization also made Nvidia a tidy $251 million in revenue, or 22% more than a year ago. The company notes that its OEM sales totaled $289 million in revenue (a 148% rise on the year) thanks to "GPUs for cryptocurrency mining." Seems there's real money to be made there after all, eh?

Those wondering about the income from the Nvidia SoCs inside the Nintendo Switch have an approximate answer. Nvidia's Tegra Processor business pulled in $442 million in revenue, or 33% more since a year ago. That amount also includes $145 million from the Automotive business, which includes Drive PX, infotainment modules, and "development agreements with automotive companies."

For its fiscal 2019 second quarter, Nvidia's accountants expect the money train to keep rolling. The company hopes to bring in $3.1 billion in revenue, plus or minus two percent, coupled with a 63.3% gross margin.

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