AMD and UMC announce fab collab

This one has been rumored for a long time now, and it's finally official. The press release just hit the (Ethernet) wire:
SUNNYVALE, CA - January 31, 2002 - AMD and UMC today announced a comprehensive alliance under which the two companies will establish a joint venture to own and operate a state-of-the-art, 300-mm wafer fabrication facility in Singapore for high-volume production of PC processors and other logic products. AMD and UMC also announced plans to collaborate in the development of advanced process technologies for semiconductor logic products. AMD and UMC separately announced a foundry agreement under which UMC will produce PC processors to augment AMD's Dresden Fab 30 production capacity for devices produced on 130-nanometer and smaller-geometry technology.

AMD and UMC will form a joint venture known as AU Pte Ltd. to own and operate the Singapore facility. The two companies expect to begin commercial production in the joint venture facility on 65-nanometer technology in mid-2005.

So this is how AMD is going to manage to expand its capacity. In the near term, UMC will make 0.13-micron processors for AMD (probably Durons) and in the long term, AMD and UMC will operate a 0.065-micron, 300mm fab together.

Seems sensible. We've been wondering where Durons would come from once the Austin plant got moved to flash memory production. I'll be interested to see how soon 0.13-micron AMD processors start rolling out of UMC.

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