ATI releases new Radeon beta drivers

ATI has released some new beta drivers for the Radeon series, including the 8500. You can grab 'em here. The drivers are listed like so:
Alternate Driver -
BETA Release/Not Supported
Posted January 31, 2002

This is a BETA Display Driver which is optimized for OpenGL and DirectX 8.1. This driver is undergoing final qualification tests. It is not supported at this time.

The release notes mention the addition of an anisotropic filtering control panel with full anisotropic filtering support for OpenGL and Direct3D. ATI tells me anisotropic filtering enabled here will be active in games that don't directly support aniso. (Note, however, that this control panel doesn't actually work on the Radeon 7500.) The Radeon 8500's aniso filtering looks very sharp, so these changes should be a nice addition.
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