Report: Samsung poised to deliver a 49" panel at 5120x1440 and 120 Hz

If I hear the phrase "new Samsung monitor," I immediately imagine something with a curved ultra-wide panel. The monitor masters over at TFT Central seem to figure that's a good generalization of future gaming displays from the Korean super-manufacturer. The outlet reports that Samsung is doubling down on ultra-wide panels and its own quantum-dot special sauce for increased color space coverage, higher resolutions, and boosted refresh rates for gaming-focused monitors.

Samsung's existing CHG90 49" 1800R curved ultrawide 144-Hz gaming monitor

TFT Central's report says the company is focused on producing TN and house-specialty VA displays. Samsung will apparently continue to make the 16:9 and 21:9 displays that most gerbils have seen, but will also produce more screens with exotic 18.5:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios. The site says 34", 43.4", and 49" will be the typical sizes for these wider panels.

According to the report, Samsung will expand manufacture of displays with its own quantum-dot technology in an effort to go "beyond typical sRGB and towards higher DCI-P3 coverage." Gamers will probably be more excited to learn about the prospect of widely-available displays with refresh rates over 100 Hz.

The most interesting specific rumor concerns a 49" 1800R-curved 32:9 VA panel with a resolution of 5120x1440 and a 120-Hz refresh rate. Most of those stats are similar to the existing 49" double-wide CHG90, but the resolution of the rumored display gets a sizable 77% bump from the CHG90's 3840x1080.

The manufacturer is also reportedly working on a 43.4" panel with the same curvature, a resolution of 3840x1200, and a 144-Hz refresh rate. The display journos say that Samsung's engineers are hard at work bumping the refresh rate of its 3440x1440 34" panels up from 100 Hz to a substantially-quicker 144 Hz. Lastly, TFT Central remarks that display shoppers can look forward to monitors using a 31.5", 3840x2160 curved Samsung panel with a 3000:1 contrast ratio that can refresh at 120 Hz. 

Samsung is one of few companies actually making LCD panels, so we could see more giant curved ultra-wide displays from multiple monitor manufacturers. TFT Central says the company will start manufacturing the new higher-resolution 43.4" and 49" panels in September of this year and that retail products should show up some months later. The first examples of the high-contrast 31.5" display are expected to come off the line in July. The faster-refreshing 34" screens are expected sometime in the third quarter of this year.

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