Acer's Predator X27 G-Sync HDR monitor shows up at Newegg for $2000

Remember that Acer Predator X27 monitor that PC World's executive editor was salivating over just a bit ago? Well, it's available for pre-order at Newegg. Yes, folks, the first G-Sync HDR display is finally up for sale. It's cheaper than we expected, too. Newegg says it'll dole out the displays on June 1 for the low, low price of just $2000.

There's no denying that two grand is a hefty sum to pay for any computer monitor, much less a 27" IPS LCD. Even so, paying that princely sum gets you the privilege of owning arguably the best gaming display ever created. In case you've missed our previous coverage of the Predator X27, its IPS LCD panel has a display resolution of 3840x2160, refreshes at up to 144 Hz, shines at up to 1000 cd/m², and supports G-Sync HDR.

The X27 runs at 120 Hz out of the box, so getting the display to run at 144 Hz will require getting your hands dirty with a bit of overclocking. We reckon most gerbils are up to the task, though. Getting even 120 Hz at 3840x2160 requires the use of a DisplayPort connection, since the monitor is limited to 60 Hz over HDMI 2.0 at its native resolution. Acer says the Predator X27 can reproduce 99% of the Adobe RGB color space.

Based on early European pricing, we'd expected this monitor to go for much more than even its high actual price. Asus' very similar ROG Swift PG27UQ was listed for around €2500, while Danish retailer Komplett had the Predator X27 marked down for 18,495 DKK (about $3000). By comparison, the price of $1999.99 that went up on Newegg today seems downright reasonable. We expect quantities are limited—the listing says "limit 1 per customer"—so if you plan to pick up one of these monitors, you'd probably best get to it. Thanks to TR tipster SH SOTN for the heads-up.

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