Antec's case arsenal joins the PC Building Simulator

All hands on deck, prospective gerbils! Some of you may have joined in on the fun of virtual PC building with the aptly-named PC Building Simulator. Although the game includes wares from many a company, one of the oldest PC case manufacturers has been notably amiss from the game. Good news, everyone: you now have Antec cases to virtually build with

The latest version of PC Building simulator includes Antec cases from the company's more well-known series. According to the game's devs, the latest update includes five of the manufacturer's chassis: the DF500, the fancy-pants P110 Luce, the P6, P7 window and P8 series.

While we've covered most of the other listed offerings before, we've yet to touch on Antec's DF500 case. This stylish mid-tower case has a roomy interior with the now-popular two-chamber layout and a rather-fetching darkened tempered-glass side panel. Two 3.5" spinning drives go in the bottom chamber in front of the PSU, while two 2.5" SSDs can attach to the back of the motherboard tray.

The DF500 has top, bottom, and front intake filters to make sure your pretty graphics card stays clean. Liquid-cooling enthusiasts can add 360-mm radiators in the front and a 120-mm unit in the back. Those that prefer plain air as a heat exchanging medium can add three 120-mm fans to the DF500's front, three 120-mm or two 140-mm spinners in the top, and a 120-mm blower to the back. The DF500 RGB version includes three of Antec's 120-mm multicolor-lit spinners.

Those looking to get their virtual PC building on can go ahead and grab PC Building Simulator from Steam. If the DF500 case caught your eye, you can grab the plain version from Newegg for $60 (with a rebate card for $20 off), or the version with three included RGB LED fans for $70 from Amazon.

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