Rumor: Eight-core Coffee Lake desktop CPU appears in SiSoft database

Twitter user momomo_us spotted an unnamed Intel CPU packing eight cores and 16 threads that popped up in SiSoft's Official Ranker database over the weekend. The processor in question appears to be the rumored eight-core desktop Coffee Lake chip we've written about several times. Let's take a closer look.

The processor in the database entry has 16 MB of L3 cache, further suggesting a relationship with existing six-core Coffee Lake Core i7 desktop chips. As a refresher, the Core i7-8700, Core i7-8700K, and Core i7-8700T all have 256 KB of L2 cache per core and 12 MB of shared L3 cache, a figure that works out to 1.5 MB per core. Intel's existing Skylake-X Core i7-7820X eight-core CPU has 1 MB of L2 for each core and 11 MB of L3 combined cache, a figure that works out to 1.375 MB per core.

The chip responsible for the SiSoft database entry reported a clock speed of 2.6 GHz, though such a figure likely won't be representative of the final speed of related retail chips. The processor has the same L2 cache configuration as existing Coffee Lake chips and the same ratio of cache to cores, as well. These similarities don't necessarily mean the mystery chip is an example of the rumored eight-core mainstream desktop Intel processors, but a common lineage with current Coffee Lake desktop models is the most likely possibility.

The machine that generated the entry reported that the chip ran on an Intel Kaby Lake-S desktop platform, another sign pointing to a future eight-core mainstream desktop CPU. As owners of Z270 motherboards are probably aware, the Z370 chipset-equipped motherboards needed to build a Coffee Lake system are mostly identical to the Z170 and Z270 chips used for Skylake and Kaby Lake systems, aside from some power delivery-related changes. Although all signs point in the same direction, database entries like this one should always be taken with a grain of salt.

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