Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M shows its true colors under load

Hawking a computer hardware product that doesn't have RGB LEDs on it is a hard sell in today's market, it seems. At least, that appears to be why despite having a whole range of completely competent coolers on offer, Cooler Master has gone and created the MasterAir MA410M. This cooler uses four copper heatpipes and a pair of MF120R fans to cool most Intel and AMD CPUs from the last ten years or so.

Cooler Master says that this cooler has a new, refined version of its "Continuous Direct Contact" system, now known as "CDC 2.0." That phrase describes how the heatsink's heat pipes are all mashed together on the bottom and then flattened to create a smooth surface for optimal heat transfer. Cooler Master says that CDC 2.0 creates 45% more surface area on the base of the heatsink as compared to CDC 1.0, even though they appear identical to the eye.

Aside from that, most of the features on this cooler have to do with its RGB LED lighting, though they're not just about showing off. Cooler Master says that there's a thermal sensor built into the base of the cooler that can detect the CPU temperature and adjust the lighting color accordingly. While that's pretty cool, we expect most RGB LED aficionados will want to hook up the lights to their motherboard's addressable lighting controller.

If you don't have a controller or one of the fancier mobos, don't fret—Cooler Master helpfully includes a wired addressable RGB LED controller in the box. You can pre-order the standard MasterAir MA410M or an Asus TUF Gaming-branded version at Newegg for $60, although both versions currently show as sold out. Newegg says the coolers will arrive on May 25.

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