The TR BBQ XV is just one month away and I'm not prepared

When I looked up the last TR BBQ one-month warning, I briefly panicked because it reminded me that I have yet to order this year's Cornhole tournament trophies. Yeah, that sounds about par for the course this time around. I'm not too concerned, though. The TR BBQ is a well-oiled machine, honed over the years to practically run itself. Of course, I do have a to-do list going, and at the very tippy top is a reminder to write what you just read. I feel better already.

The shifting sands have reveal remnants of the ancient Westrate BBQ grill.

Moving on... This is the part where I link to the BBQ thread and tell all of you that you should try to attend. For this post, I'm going to link to Google Maps when I remind you that the BBQ takes place in Holland, MI so that it's even easier to see how much traveling will be required to get there. I also want to make sure everyone knows that the TR BBQ is a family-friendly event and just an all-around good time chock-full of activities, food, and a massive fireworks display at the end of the day. I think that covers the basics.

I do have some notes other than my own to cover. Our illustrious leader and "biz guy" Adam Eiberger sends word that our friends at Gigabyte and Corsair will once again be sending along goodies for us to give away to some lucky gerbils in attendance. We'll have more to say about those later, but word is we're talking about keyboards and motherboards. Adam also shares that PR  guru Justin Ocbina from Corsair will join us again on location to personally hand out the loot and pig out on ribs with us. Oh yeah, and I guess some guy named Scott Wasson will be there too. I wonder if he's bringing anything to share?

Well, that's the end of my list for now. I'll spare you the minutiae of BBQ planning (which reminds me, I need to book a portable toilet). Just do me a favor and at least look into the feasibility of stopping by on June 23. Hope to see you there!

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