Friday night topic: AOL vs. Trillian

I thought there wasn't much to disagree about when it comes to the subject of AOL blocking Trillian users from exchanging instant messages with AIM users. It's the same old story: they all promise to grow more interoperable all the time, but the IM companies retain a death-grip on their networks when it really comes down to it. Heck, AOL's own ICQ still won't interoperate with AIM, for some odd reason. It's maddening.

However, this (intentionally contrarian) article takes a stab at advancing the other side of the issue:

What a bunch of crybabies! I am talking about the whiners who feel America Online is doing something terrible by locking out the users of Trillian, a multi-service instant-messaging client.

It's not the first time AOL has done this and probably won't be the last. But it's in the right. Trillian's developers should relent, immediately, and stop hacking into the AOL network.

Hmph. So what ever happened to the original spirit of the Internet, where standards, sharing, and interconnecting networks was king?
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