Intel preps Solano chipset, tries to catch Via

Intel's had a rough time of it lately technology-wise, with the Athlon providing some very formidable competition in the x86 processor market, but perhaps their biggest stumble has been in their motherboard support chipset products. With the 820 chipset first delayed because of bugs, then saddled with worth-its-weight-in-gold Rambus DRAMs, picking the right motherboard for a Coppermine hasn't been easy.

Some of the moves Intel is making now are intended to remedy the situation before Via grabs too wide a swath of the chipset market with their new 133Mhz bus-capable chipsets. Take a look at this nice summary of the present situation at TechWeb, then read EE Times' report on Intel's pow-wow with a bunch of big memory vendors—to which Rambus wasn't invited. (Thanks to Josh Maizel for the links.)

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