GeForce 397.93 drivers are ready to join The Crew 2

Start saving your work, gerbils—the newest GeForce driver is upon us. Driver version 397.93 is WHQL-certified and ready for State of Decay 2 and The Crew 2's closed beta test. The latest release also adds support for CUDA version 9.2 and fixes a whole bevy of bugs.

The Crew 2

Besides the original title's street racing, The Crew 2 has open-world racing on motorbikes through the woods, stunt planes flying through the air, and power boats sliding over water. State of Decay 2 is also now an open-world title. Like the previous installment, it's set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Players must defend themselves from zombies while exploring and recovering supplies with which to enrich their base of operations.

State of Decay 2

Bugs bashed in this release include inconsistent application of the Digital Vibrance setting, crashes in Wolfenstein II, and high GPU usage in Windows Explorer on certain notebook GeForces. HDR mode users should have missing color formats in Nvidia Control Panel back, and they can kiss green flickering in Far Cry 5 goodbye. Apparently, the need to close Steam before toggling SLI on or off was a bug; that should be solved now. Finally, the driver should now load properly on systems containing both Pascal and Kepler GPUs.

As it was fixing all those addressed issues, Nvidia's driver team apparently uncovered a whole bunch more. The listing of known issues in this release is quite long, but most of them relate to highly specific configurations. Probably the most notable faults are that Nvidia Surround hotkeys may not work, Gears of War 4 may blue-screen on Pascal-based cards, and systems with motherboards with PLX switches and multiple GPUs may see DPC watchdog errors. Also, playing a game in full-screen mode while watching a video on Netflix in Edge may blue-screen the system after task-switching several times.

To read the full list of known issues or to see if we missed anything, you can check the release notes. If you're ready to update, you can use GeForce Experience to grab the new driver or head to Nvidia's download site.

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    • Noinoi
    • 2 years ago

    It’s likely related to recent European laws changes that took effect today, but for a clean install, the setup and post-setup GFE should now ask upfront on two things:

    1. It’ll now ask if you want to install GeForce Experience in the first page. It’s set to installing it along by default, though you can opt out of it right there. It also explains what kind of data GFE needs to collect to have things work. Interestingly enough, the entire text disappears if you opt to install it sans GFE. Also of note: later on, the checkbox for GFE is locked to the choice you did in page 1 if you also try a custom install where you can pick components. You’ll have to go back to the initial page and choose there.

    2. When you start and log into GFE for the first time, you’ll be presented a window to grant permissions to NVIDIA to show game and reward recommendations and/or collect error logs. [i<]All options are unchecked by default[/i<]. I mostly installed this update for the bugfixes, but I find the revamped privacy choices and having things to be more upfront be a good thing, too.

      • Kretschmer
      • 2 years ago

      It’s nice to have a government that looks out for consumers.

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