NZXT does addition by subtraction with its H-series cases

Setting apart a case in this age of ubiquitous tempered glass and 90° angles is tough. NZXT's Mini-ITX H200i, microATX H400i, and ATX H700i enclosures used clever cable management and an intelligent fan-and-lighting controller to stand out from the pack, but the additional cost and requirements that device carried weren't for everyone. The company is now growing its H-series line by offering the same cases without the controller module for lower prices and without the "i" suffix in the name.

Black-on-black NZXT H200

All three chassis are unchanged aside from the deletion of the controller box. Interested gerbils can check out our previous coverage of NZXT's Hx00i enclosures for more specific information. One important note is that the loadout of included fans is unchanged from the pricier intelligent models. The H200 comes with two of NZXT's 120-mm Aer F fans, the H400 gets three of them, and the H700 gets three 120-mm rotating air movers plus a larger 140-mm unit pre-installed in the back panel.

NZXT H400 with blue trim (system not included)

The design features include prodigious side ventilation around the featureless front panel, extensive radiator mounting options, tempered-glass side panels, and clever cable channels and covers sprinkled throughout the case.

NZXT H700 with red trim

NZXT's Mini-ITX H200 enclosure comes in at $80, the microATX H400 costs $100, and the full-fat ATX H700 will set buyers back $150. Those prices represent a $50 haircut compared to their "i"-suffixed equivalents. All three models are available in black, white with black trim, or black with a choice of blue or red accents. The manufacturer backs its cases with a two-year warranty.

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