Streacom DA2 lets Mini-ITX builders have it their way

Building a Mini-ITX system is easier than ever thanks to the ever-growing number of options for tiny motherboards, AIO liquid coolers, and compact high-performance graphics cards. French chassis manufacturer Streacom thinks the existing case options for compact custom PC builders are too similar and don't allow users the ability to really build their systems to suit their use cases (ba-doom-ching). The company says its DA2 Mini-ITX enclosure looks classy and offers an otherwise-unavailable level of customization.

Streacom's newest offering can accommodate a lot of cooling hardware for such a small case. Builders can stuff in radiators as large as 280 mm or air coolers up to 5.7" tall (14.5 cm). Graphics cards as long as 13" (33 cm) and as thick as 2" (5 cm) are invited to the party. Buyers can stuff a standard-size ATX power supply into the DA2. Those who want to build a small NAS can fit up to six 3.5" hard drives and eight 2.5" storage devices by adding an extra drive bracket. We must note that while the DA2 accepts parts in the listed sizes, using an especially large graphics card or the hard drive bracket may require dialing back the dimensions of other components.

Streacom is especially proud of the DA2's finish, touting its 3-mm thick aluminum construction and the use of screws instead of rivets throughout the chassis. The back and sides are perforated with over 2000 holes for airflow, a good idea since the case's front doesn't have any ventilation at all. That front panel also doesn't have any audio jacks or USB Type-A connectors, but it does get a glass power button and a USB Type-C port.

The DA2 measures 13.4" long (34 cm), 7.1" wide (18 cm), and 11.3" tall. A little multiplication reveals a displacement of 1075 in³ (17.5 L). For comparison's sake, Corsair's tightly-packaged One gaming PC packs standard form-factor parts into a volume of 12 L.

Streacom expects the DA2 Mini-ITX enclosure to start appearing at online retailers in August. The company says the compact case will cost around $230 without any fans. The manufacturer will offer silver and black versions of the chassis.

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