Rumor: Dual-core AMD Athlon 200GE and Athlon Pro 200GE are on the way

Way back in February, German site ComputerBase spotted some results in SiSoftware's benchmark database for a Ryzen-based AMD Athlon 200GE. Now, Anandtech notes that the same chip (along with a very similar Ryzen Pro variant) just appeared in both a CPU support list for an Asus motherboard and a Geekbench result page. Those mentions could mean that the first dual-core desktop Ryzen parts are on the way soon.

Collating the information, we come up with what appears to be a two-core, four-thread Ryzen APU that includes Vega 3 graphics. The cheapest Ryzen-based chip that AMD currently offers is the Ryzen 3 2200G, priced at an even $100. While the Ryzen 3 2200G is a great value, that amount is still pretty expensive for the bottom of your product stack. AMD does offer A-series APUs at lower price points, but it's very difficult to recommend those even in jest—and all the more so given the potency of Intel's Pentium Gold line.

We haven't talked about it in detail, but the Ryzen 3 2200U mobile APU is very similar to the apparently-upcoming Athlon 200GE. The Ryzen chip offers two cores and four threads running at 2.5 GHz to start and turbo clocks at up to 3.4 GHz. The clock rate on the purported Athlon 200GE is listed simply as 3.2 GHz. It's possible that AMD will take a page from Intel's playbook and disable turbo on the Athlon-branded chips. 

The listed TDP is 35 W, a figure that seems a bit high given that the four-core Ryzen 3 2200GE runs more cores and likely a bigger GPU at higher clocks. If we look once again at the Ryzen 3 2200U, that chip has a 192-shader graphics part (3 GCN CUs). ComputerBase seems convinced that the Athlon 200GE and its Pro cousin will have the same configuration.

It will be interesting to see how such a chip compares to Intel's dual-core Pentium Gold CPUs. Anandtech believes the Athlon chips are set to be announced at Computex. The site credits Computerbase for that claim, but it's nowhere to be found on the German publication at this time. It's a reasonable assumption, though, and we'll keep you posted if we hear more.

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