Have your speed and RGB LEDs too with Patriot’s Viper RGB RAM

The turn-of-the-20th-century architect Louis Sullivan famously stated that “form ever follows function.” He might be surprised at some of the products that cross our news desk. Still, some products are out there for those who'd like to sacrifice neither form nor function. Case in point: Patriot's Viper RGB LED memory. This family of DIMMs offers customizable lighting and the option of black or white heatspreaders attached to some of the faster DDR4 memory we've seen.

Patriot starts out its new memory at the now-standard 2666 MT/s transfer rate. From there, it scales up through 3000 MT/s, 3200 MT/s, 3600 MT/s, and finally a scorching 4133 MT/s. The faster two rates aren't available with the white heat spreader, though. It should be obvious from the high-throughput options on offer, but this isn't junk RAM, either. The 3600 MT/s kit, for example, has the same 16-cycle CAS latency as the excellent white-LED memory I used in my last build.

Right now, Patriot is only offering the new RAM in two-module 16GB kits. That's arguably the best arrangement for new system builds at this time, anyway. Patriot notes that you can control the RGB LEDs on this RAM using addressable lighting control software from every major motherboard vendor, and that the light show has five separately-addressable lighting zones on each module. 

The new Viper RGB LED RAM is already available for purchase on Newegg and Amazon. It looks like pricing starts at $180 for a pair of 2666 MT/s modules, and goes on up to $300 for the fastest 4133 MT/s stuff.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 2 years ago

    It’s really hard to get excited about any RAM these days when you’re being robbed:

    At the start of this year, [url=https://camelcamelcamel.com/Corsair-Vengeance-2666MHz-Desktop-Memory/product/B0123ZC44Y?context=search<]RAM was 3.5x the historical cost[/url<]. That's 3.5x higher than DDR4 costs, but people with adequate DDR3 machines likely paid even less for their DDR3, which dropped as low as $35 for a 16GB kit. Nobody wants to buy RAM when the old hardware is fast enough and it was 1/6th the price of the ridiculously inflated DDR4 they need now.

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