Rumor: Core i7-8086K could be a 5-GHz toast to Intel's 50th year

On June 8, it will have been 40 years since Intel launched the 8086—a processor so important, so formative, that we still use the term "x86" to describe Intel-compatible CPUs to this day. To celebrate the occasion, Intel is purportedly launching a special edition Core i7-8086K CPU. This news comes from Videocardz, who found listings for the new chip at retailers in Canada, Russia, and Italy (although the Canadian and Italian listings have since been removed).

Videocardz also says that the chip has been listed at Chinese retailers for some time. Indeed, by searching the i7-8086K's purported product code—BX80684I78086K—we've found it at a few places ourselves. Despite that fact, there's a dearth of details about the new processor. Listings indicate that it will probably be a six-core CPU that turbos up to 5 GHz. If that's true, it essentially appears to be a hot-clocked Core i7-8700K. Intel's hottest Coffee Lake part so far has a maximum Turbo Boost 2.0 speed of 4.7 GHz.

The i7-8700K's already-high clock rate is a major factor in its world-beating performance. Clocking it up even higher yields yet-more-impressive results, as shown by overclockers. It also yields extreme heat and power usage pretty rapidly when overclocked. It will be interesting to see if Intel perhaps equips this chip with a soldered heat spreader. Given the similar nature of the Devil's Canyon Core i7-4790K, however, we aren't holding our breath.

The shop listings we visited priced the chip at $480.47, €394.48, and £332.60. The second and third numbers are VAT-exclusive, meaning they'll actually end up priced at €481.27 and £399.12 at the checkout counter. The two European prices are a bit less than the US price, so it's not quite clear what the final, actual price will be. Intel could be cheeky and list it at $486.

Computex starts next Tuesday, and as one of the most important attendees at the show, Intel will have a keynote event on June 5. It seems likely that the company could announce the chip then. More Computers in the UK lists the chip's "restock date" as June 8, so we don't have long to wait to find out more about this potential anniversary-edition processor.

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