Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Microsoft stops new work to fix bugs (thanks Igor David Schneider)
  2. SecurityFocus on why software is insecure (thanks billb)
  3. FiringSquad on what to expect from ATI
  4. 3DChipset has some thoughts about NVIDIA GF4
  5. The Inquirer has Gainward GF4 price leaks (thanks billb)
  6. Morpheus has a security hole? (thanks Tom Foale)
  7. EBNews on SRAM problems (thanks billb)
  8. EETimes reports that UCSD develops exploding silicon chips (thanks billb)
Systems and multimedia

  1. littlewhitedog revisits changing the Windows 2000 boot logo
    and updates Win2K boot logo gallery
  2. LIUtilities releases WinTasks 4 Professional
  3. Hardware Extreme has gadgets showcase
  4. LostCircuits reviews Soltek SL-85DRV3
  5. BlargOC reviews IBM 120GXP hard drives
Cases and cooling

  1. AtlantaOC reviews Directron SF-201-B black aluminum case
  2. BlargOC reviews Northward case window and neon light kit
  3. Overclockers Australia on Apple cooling
  4. Mikhailtech reviews Silverprop Cyclone 2 (waterblock) & Silverstorm 2 (radiator)
  5. 8Balls Hardware reviews Dynatron DC1206BM-0638 & DY1206BH-625
  6. G3D's 3-way chipset coolers roundup: Crystal Orb, Blue Orb, and Copper VGA
  7. Dan's Data compares thermally controlled fans
  8. ThinkTechie reviews super duper slot fan
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