Radeon Software 18.5.2 clears the skies above the Sea of Thieves

Nature enthusiasts wet their finger and put it in the air to get a sense of the wind's direction. PC hardware enthusiasts can look to AAA game releases to get a similar feeling for an upcoming video card driver release. AMD's latest Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.5.2 bucks this trend, since it doesn't add optimizations for any new or existing games or applications. The red graphics team marked this release as optional and instead focused on bug fixes.

Radeon owners can expect clearer sailing in Sea of Thieves

AMD's release notes say that problems in Sea of Thieves, The Crew, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and Arizona Sunshine have been stomped out. A more far-reaching bug with shader caches in "some games" has also been addressed. Likewise, issues with blank screens when FreeSync is enabled on certain unnamed monitors in also-unnamed titles have been sorted out.

Even the best driver teams can't fix every problem, and a few known issues persist. AMD says some games still might stutter when Frame Rate Target Control and the Radeon ReLive instant replay features are both in use. The Radeon Overlay hardware monitoring feature still has some issues in borderless fullscreen mode, and edited videos might not show up in the Radeon ReLive gallery after changing tabs. Users might see corrupted video output when using OpenGL or Vulkan applications on some Hybrid Graphics setups. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also still has some hitches in gameplay.

The driver's release notes' hardware compatibility list includes GCN desktop and mobile cards only; no APUs are listed. The driver is available for the 32- and 64-bit variations of Windows 7 and Windows 10. The curious can read those release notes here. The bold can follow the same link and just Ctrl-F for their Windows version of choice.

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