Man, what a game! I thought for sure the Patriots' amazing run would end when they met the Rams, but nope. Looks like our poll voters really missed this one. So did nearly everyone else. Here's what I'm wondering now: will the Patriots shockingly successful defensive scheme be the blueprint for all future Rams opponents? Could this be the end of the Rams' offensive bonanza? The Rams are mighty talented, so it's hard to say.

Beyond the game, I spent way too little time working with mobos and processors this weekend and way too much time working on storm cleanup. However, I must admit I did enjoy using my new chainsaw. It doesn't run at 2GHz, but its brand of power is much more tangible.

The graphics scene will be heating up big-time this week. Stay tuned to TR for the news and our brutally frank analysis. Should be fun.

Also, if you've written me e-mail lately and I haven't gotten back to you, about 200 other people are in the same boat. My bad. I'll be digging through my inbox and answering those messages soon. I hope.

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