Rumor: Leaked Intel document shows Coffee Lake Xeon model numbers

Anandtech reports that model numbers for ten new entry-level Intel Xeon chips have popped up, thanks to a document the company made available to its manufacturing partners. The decade of purported processors are apparently all based on the same Coffee Lake architecture found in the company's eighth-generation Core CPUs. The document suggests that new E-series badging will replace the E3 prefix found on the current-generation equivalents. The chips are believed to target the entry-level workstation and server markets and feature up to six cores. The seven models with "G" suffixes likely have IGPs.

Model number Product code S-Spec Market segment
Xeon E-2124 CM8068403654414 SR3WQ Server
Xeon E-2124G CM8068403654114 SR3WL Workstation
Xeon E-2126G CM8068403380219 SR3WU Workstation
Xeon E-2134 CM8068403654319 SR3WP Server
Xeon E-2136 CM8068403654318 SR3WW Server
Xeon E-2144G CM8068403654220 SR3WM Workstation
Xeon E-2146G CM8068403380116 SR3WT Workstation
Xeon E-2174G CM8068403654221 SR3WN Workstation
Xeon E-2176G CM8068403380018 SR3WS Workstation
Xeon E-2186G CM8068403379918 SR3WR Workstation

The document says the rumored processors will work with motherboards based on Intel's C246 chipset. Xeon models traditionally add ECC memory compatibility absent on their Core cousins. The new chips will also probably have enhanced remote management capabilities when compared to desktop CPUs. The document didn't list the TDPs or the clock speeds of the Xeons, but we predict both figures will be somewhat lower than that of the fastest Core chip, the Core i7-8700K

According to the site, the document came about thanks to a new assembly and testing facility for Coffee Lake processors in Vietnam. The outlet says Intel was required to list the exact names of processors produced in the country, and this requirement made the new information briefly available to the public. The Intel document has since been removed from the company's document management system. Intel told Anandtech that it does not comment on rumors. The site says it expects a formal announcement of the new models in the next few weeks.

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