Light up all your RAM slots with Aorus RGB Memory

Good morning, gerbils. It's Computex time, and that means that it's time for tons of news about new products. One of the more surprising product announcements we're likely to hear this year comes from Gigabyte's Aorus gaming division. The folks there have produced the company's first DDR4 memory product, simply called Aorus RGB Memory.

At first, the memory will be offered as a four-piece set with two 8-GB DDR4 DIMMs with RGB LEDs plus two "RGB-Infused Demo Modules." The two DIMMs' specs are fairly garden-variety: a 3200 MT/s transfer rate and 16-cycle CAS latency. They need 1.35 V to do their thing and are fully configurable through Intel XMP.

The interesting part of this kit is its appearance. All four modules (including the "dummy" sticks) have aluminum heatsinks bearing the familiar Aorus logo and a line of RGB LEDs on top. These LEDs can be configured through Gigabyte's RGB Fusion software, and the company says there are five unique illumination modes for the RAM.

The use of dummy modules recalls RAMBUS RDRAM in this writer's mind. Gigabyte says that they're there to complete a look across all four memory modules for users who don't want to buy more memory than they'll actually use. For now, the dummies are only available as part of the aforementioned kit. The company might offer them separately later, though.

If you're going all-in on RGB LEDs, we have to say: you won't find a cheaper way to fill all four memory slots on your board with a lightshow. Gigabyte says it expects to begin selling the stylish kit by the end of June, and that it should go for $229.

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