Aorus Gold PSU and Aorus M5 mouse fill out Gigabyte's Computex booth

Gigabyte is showcasing a lot of new products at its booth at Computex. Besides the Aorus RGB Memory we showed earlier, the company is also debuting its first Aorus-branded power supply as well as a new high-end gaming mouse. Let's have a quick look at each piece of kit.

Who's your first pick for power supplies, gerbils? A lot of companies put their name on PSUs, and Gigabyte has been among them since 2007. It hasn't slapped the Aorus brand on a unit until now, though.

The pragmatically-named Aorus Gold PSU will come in 750-W and 850-W versions, both 80 Plus Gold-certified. Gigabyte notes that the units are fully modular, built with all-Japanese capacitors, and use a 135-mm double-ball-bearing fan that'll stop when the unit is idle. The company only gives specs for the 850 W version. That model is capable of driving an impressive 70.5 A of current across its single +12 V rail.

Gigabyte's also showing off is the Aorus M5 optical gaming mouse. This is a decidedly high-end pointer-pusher based on the Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor, which in yours truly's opinion is the best IR LED mouse sensor ever made. The M5 has adjustable weight and balance thanks to a set of five 2.5-g weights on the bottom. It also has RGB LED lighting that can be controlled through Gigabyte's RGB Fusion app.

To go along with the new mouse (or its old mouse), Gigabyte is offering up four new mouse pads. The Aorus P7 is a hard plastic mat with RGB LED lighting around the rim, and the AMP900 is an extra-large "desk-sized" fabric pad with a rubber base. The AMP500 and AMP300 are "hybrid" pads in small and medium sizes with a fabric top surface and silicone bases that the company claims will keep the pad in place. All four pads should offer a measure of spill resistance, too.

At its booth, Gigabyte is offering expo visitors the chance to play with its peripherals new and old, as well as its H5 headset and assorted other hardware. While there, interested parties can also investigate the Aorus AC300W case. Gigabyte didn't say when (or for how much) this new gear will be selling, but we'd look for them later this year.

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