Asus ROG Ryujin and Ryuo liquid coolers have their own OLED displays

The list of parts in your PC that you can embellish with ROG branding is growing. Asus' latest entries in the ROG family are the Ryujin and Ryuo series of closed-loop liquid coolers. Both lines of coolers include RGB LED illumination and color OLED displays atop the pumps.

Asus ROG Ryujin 360-mm liquid cooler

Ryujin is Japanese for “dragon god,” and these coolers are certainly fancy enough to warrant the name. The Asetek-derived coolers will come in variations with 240-mm and 360-mm radiators. Aside from the radiator size and number of fans you can attach, both Ryujin models are otherwise identical. The fans in question are Noctua F12 iPPC-2000s, by the way.

Near-socket temperatures with the Ryujin's fan off (left) and at 30% (right).

Asus says that the Ryujin coolers alleviate one of the common complaints that builders have with CLCs by including a 60-mm fan inside the pump housing. The spinner exhausts air out of the side of the housing to cool the voltage regulators and other components near the CPU socket.

ASUS ROG Ryuo 240-mm liquid cooler

The pump housing on the Ryujin coolers is relatively large, though. For folks who prefer a more traditional look, there's the Ryuo series. That's another Japanese word, this time meaning “dragon king.” While these coolers aren't quite as ostentatious as their cousins, they're still rather lavish. The RGB LED lighting has nine addressable zones, and there's an OLED display on the pump.

The Ryuo coolers will come in 120-mm and 240-mm versions. Rather than Noctua fans, the ROG Ryou models include ROG-branded Wing Blade fans. That's the same fan design that the company uses for its graphics cards. It will be interesting to see how these fans perform on a fin-dense liquid-cooling radiator.

The OLED displays on both cooler series measure 1.77″ diagonally, and unlike the Aura LiveDash screens on some of Asus' fancier motherboards, the coolers' 160×128 displays support 16-bit color. You can display JPG or GIF images, including animated GIFs. You could alternatively have the screen display the CPU temperature, voltage, or other system specs.

Asus says its new liquid coolers should arrive in Q3 this year, but declined to comment on pricing. Given the kanbandaore nature of these coolers, we wouldn't expect them to be cheap.

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    • Kretschmer
    • 2 years ago

    I’d rather put money into a better processor or additional cooling capacity than the prettiness of my cooling parts. I’m a monster, I know.

      • christos_thski
      • 2 years ago

      Depends on what the additional cost is? I’d pay 30 bucks extra for the pretty.

      • strangerguy
      • 2 years ago

      In my country, the Cryorig H5 LED cooler is 50% more expensive than the non-LED version, and the latter is stealthily discontinued because greed what else? Same goes for the G502 mouse.

      I can fully understand the hate against LEDs and the associated epeen vanity culture making hardware more expensive for everyone.

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