Build upon the Asus ROG Strix Gaming Chassis and ROG Thor PSU

Yessirree, gerbils—it won't be long before you can build an entire system with ROG-branded hardware. That's probably the goal, of course, but in any case Asus has taken two more steps toward that eventuality with the release of the ROG Strix Gaming Chassis and the ROG Thor 1200-W Platinum power supply.

First up, the case. The Strix Gaming Chassis has unmistakable aesthetics, and not just because of the big RGB LED-illuminated ROG logo on the front. Kinetic text splays across the front of the case, and RGB LED lighting sprawls through the side window in a geometric spider-web pattern that includes more ROG Strix branding.

If you hate the text on the front, Asus says you'll be able to swap out the front panel. Asus says there are woven handles atop the case for easy carrying, although we only have the one picture so we'll have to take the company at its word. There aren't a lot of details, but Asus says that the case will include a vertical GPU bracket, a tool-free ROG SSD caddy, and magnetic dust filters.

The ROG Thor power supply seems perfectly suited to pair up with the big Strix chassis. Asus says the power supply is "designed for overclocked CPUs and multiple graphics cards." We reckon the 1200-W unit should probably suffice for most rigs. It speaks to Seasonic's reputation that Asus identifies the power supply's OEM forthright. 

Besides the enviable 80 Plus Platinum certification, the ROG Thor also bears a 10-year warranty. There is, of course, Aura Sync-capable RGB LED lighting, as well as an OLED panel that can display real-time wattage information. If your machine isn't so monstrous as to require a 1200-W power supply, Asus says an 850-W version of the Thor will come along after its big brother's release.

We'd love to tell you how much this new stuff will cost, but Asus is tight-lipped about that information. The best we can do is to tell you to keep an eye out, as Asus says that all of these products will be launching in the second half of this year.

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