Corsair powers up its SF and Vengeance-series modular PSUs

Most users probably find power supplies pretty boring, but a computer doesn't work well with a crummy one and doesn't work at all without one. Corsair introduced two new PSU series at Computex: the 80 Plus Platinum-certified SFX-form-factor SF Series and the affordable 80 Plus Silver-certified Vengeance Series.

The compact SF Series units are available in 450-W and 600-W variations. Both adhere to the larger of the two SFX standards, measuring 4.9" long (12.5 cm), 2.5" tall (6.3 cm), and 3.9" wide (10 cm). The SFX design means the internal fan is a 92-mm unit rather than the larger 120-mm fan used in SFX-L PSUs. The good news on the fan front is that the SF Series has a zero-RPM fan mode that leaves the spinner still until additional cooling is needed.

All of the cabling is modular, and the Japanese capacitors are rated to handle 221° F temperatures (105° C). An SFX-to-ATX bracket is supplied in the box for convenience. The manufacturer says the SF Series units use a unique internal design that ditches internal wires in favor of PCBs that are soldered together. Corsair backs these power supplies with a 10-year warranty.

The Vengeance Series PSUs aren't as petite, efficient, or as feature-packed as the SF Series, but they offer more power at lower prices. Corsair is offering up 650-W and 750-W Vengeance models to start. The ATX power and EPS connectors are permanently fixed to the PSU body, but the drive and PCIe power cables are modular. The 120-mm fan inside each unit supports a zero-RPM mode for silence in low-load conditions.

The Vengeance PSUs have a switchable 12-V rail design that lets users choose between the convenience of a single rail or the added over-current protection of a multi-rail design. Both models measure 5.9" long (15 cm), so they should fit in the overwhelming majority of ATX and mATX cases. Corsair backs its Vengeance PSUs with a five-year warranty.

Corsair didn't provide street dates for the new power supplies, but it did say the SF600 would land at $140, the SF450 at $100, the Vengeance 750M at $95, and the Vengeance 650M at $85 when they do eventually show up in stores. The company also refreshed its performance-oriented RMx-series 80 Plus Gold PSU line, but didn't provide any clear data on what's new in those models.

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