Antec's Computex booth has Signature Titanium PSUs, memory, and fans

Antec has a pile of announcements for this year's Computex. We'll be digging into some cases from the manufacturer in a bit, but first let's take a look at smaller items Antec is showing off. Two new power supply units are on the way: the Neo Eco TUF Gaming Alliance Edition and the Antec Signature Titanium. The company is also bringing out a series of RGB LED-infused case fans, and perhaps most surprisingly, it's also getting into the RAM business.

Antec Signature Platinum power supply

As you could probably guess from the name, the Signature Titanium Edition is a top-shelf power supply with 80 Plus Titanium certification. Antec didn't share many details about the unit, but judging from the amount of cable connectors, it's likely to be a high-powered affair. The manufacturer did say that the PSU will be fully modular and come with a 10-year warranty. The unit in the picture above has Platinum branding instead of Titanium, but we figure it's representative of the new product since the existing models all differ.

Meanwhile, the Neo Eco TUF Gaming Alliance Edition is an 80 Plus Bronze-rated power supply with TUF Gaming branding. Like most TUF Gaming products, it has a military theme with a "tactical camouflage" exterior design. Antec once again went light on the details, but we know that it'll come in both fully- and semi-modular versions.

Antec Prizm case fan

Antec's upcoming RGB LED case fans are called Prizm RGB. They'll come in 120-mm and 140-mm versions and offer RGB LED lighting around the rim rather than shining LEDs in the fan hub through transparent blades. It's a unique look, to be sure.

Antec 5 Series TUF Gaming Alliance memory

Finally, Antec is bringing out some DDR4 memory. Unsurprisingly, the sticks are festooned with RGB LEDs. The Antec 5 Series RGB memory Kit and Antec 5 Series TUF Gaming Alliance memory kits are both launching at Computex. Curiously, both offerings only come in the form of single-module 8-GB kits that run at 3000 MT/s. Antec says they support XMP for automatic configuration, but doesn't say anything about how you configure the LEDs. Given the TUF branding, we figure they at least support Asus' Aura Sync.

If you're after that Neo Eco TUF power supply or the Prizm fans, you don't have too long to wait. Antec says they'll be out in Q3 of this year. The Signature series power supplies will be along later in "late Q4" or possibly early next year.

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