Four new chassis break cover at Antec’s Computex booth

Antec is an old and respected name among PC hardware enthusiasts. While the company has produced some flashy offerings in recent years (like the DF500), Antec has for the most part avoided the outlandish and polarizing designs offered by some of its competitors. That might be changing, though. At Computex this year, Antec is showing off three new chassis and a case concept unlike anything else we've seen from the company.

Antec P5 (left) and P100 Evo (right)

Starting off with the simplest models, we have the P100 Evo and P5. This is exactly the sort of cases we tend to expect from Antec: quiet, refined, and elegant. The company says that the P100 Evo includes “premium sound dampening panels,” but unfortunately has little else to say about it. There's next to no information about the P5 either. We figure we'll probably hear more about these chassis before long.

Antec Krypton

On the other hand, the Krypton is quite a departure for Antec. The company's press release calls the Krypton's looks “a bold gaming aesthetic.” We don't have exact numbers on the storage or cooling accommodations, but we can tell that the Krypton is a two-chamber tower case with support for vertical GPU mounting and extensive liquid-cooling mounting spots. Antec notes that the colored portions in the front are addressable RGB LED strips, and that the glass side panels are hinged to allow easy access.

Antec Project X

Antec isn't done there, though. The company's Project X concept steps even further into the realm of highly-unusual gaming cases to stand alongside the ranks of so many In Win designs. More accurately, Project X is a proper prototype rather than just a concept, implying that the chassis will make it to market eventually. Antec says it's “designed for maximum system support and performance” and that its open and modular design “exemplifies the future of PC gaming.” The Project X certainly looks futuristic, in any case.

The little P5 case will supposedly show up in Q3 of this year for either $59 or $69, possibly indicating that it will have variations or that pricing simply isn't finalized. The P100 Evo will follow in Q4 for $89 or $99. Antec puts down both the Krypton and the Project X case for Q4 of this year. The Krypton is expected to run $179 to $189, and the Project X is expected to go for $229 to $249. 

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    • Srsly_Bro
    • 3 years ago

    Antec did so well with the p110 Luce….. Then these. Someone please explain why these things happen.

    • Chrispy_
    • 3 years ago

    That P5 has my interest peaked:

    [list<] [*<]Tempered glass: no [/*<][*<]RGBLED rainbow generators: no [/*<][*<]Robot-Ninja-Dragon-Owl-Cyber-Mecha-Scrotum theme: no [/*<][*<]Military/Angular GAMER branding and bolt-on, angular plastic decorations: no [/*<][*<]Simultaneous dual 360mm/420mm radiator support: no [/*<][*<]Quad-GPU support: no [/*<][*<]$100 price tag or higher: no [/*<][*<]Form-over-function internal designed to show off RGBLED components: no[/*<][/list<] It looks perfect. I suspect it still has a single 5.25" external bay to keep those hanging onto the year 2003 happy, but at least it's behind a door by the looks of things - a door that provides easy access to the dust filters on the front intakes, if the rest of Antec's P-series is anything to go by.

    • BillyBuerger
    • 3 years ago

    The P100 EVO looks pretty nice. But I doubt there will be any reason to upgrade from my P180 mini that has been treating me well for many years. But still nice to see Antec coming out with some nice looking new cases. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see the rest of the article.

      • Chrispy_
      • 3 years ago

      What rest of the article? There are the two nice-looking cases in the photo and then if you scroll down past the adverts for some garish rubbish you get to the comments section.

        • jessterman21
        • 3 years ago

        Right – how can the first two be so beautiful and the others so hideous

          • Chrispy_
          • 3 years ago

          What others?

    • Stochastic
    • 3 years ago

    Hopefully these cases will represent a return to form for Antec. The past several years the only understated cases that have caught my eye have come from Corsair and Fractal.

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