Lian Li goes to peak RGB with the Strimer LED ATX cable extension

The RGB LED party started with backlighting on keyboards. When that wasn't enough, the programmable lighting trend spread to motherboards, graphics cards, and mice. When the color-changing LEDs came to memory modules, SSDs, and power supplies, we thought for sure those pieces of kit would be the logical conclusion. We were wrong, and the diodes found their way into headsets and speakers. Lian Li thinks it's on to the next big thing in RGB with its Strimer RGB LED-illuminated 24-pin ATX power cable extension.

The manufacturer says the Strimer will work with motherboards that support addressable RGB LEDs. The extension cable also has buttons to toggle between 10 preset effects for those who want to add some flash to older or OEM systems that don't include support for this life-changing technology. The aluminum-loving case maker says it developed the cable with insights from German celebrity overclocker der8auer. We didn't get a chance to closely inspect the cable, but Chris Ramseyer from Tom's Hardware describes it as "more of an RGB fiber optic overlay held on by strategically-placed cable combs to look like 24 lit wires."

Lian Li wasn't ready to provide any pricing or availability for the Strimer RGB LED-lit ATX extension cable just yet. We have to imagine that the company will be ready with light-up EPS, PCIe, and SATA power cables if the market responds favorably to the Strimer. If those were to sell well, the next step would obviously be illuminated USB and audio header wiring.

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