Zalman shows off liquid and air coolers at Computex

The folks over at TechPowerUp met up with Zalman at Computex to see what the company's been up to. As it happens, the South Korean group has been working on a new series of all-in-one liquid coolers called Oymyakon. The company also showed off a couple of new tower coolers.

Zalman Oymyakon liquid-coolers at Computex. Image: TechPowerUp

Oymyakon is an awkward word for American lips, but it's the name of the coldest continuously-inhabited place on Earth, situated in northeastern Russia. That's a suitable name for strong liquid-coolers, then. Zalman is introducing three Oymyakon coolers, in versions with 120-mm, 240-mm, and 360-mm radiators. The shared hexagonal pump housing has LED lighting embedded within, and the included fans use Zalman's own SharkFin design.

Zalman CNPS10X Optima II CPU cooler at Computex. Image: TechPowerUp

While Zalman is perhaps better-known for its more outré designs, the company offers some fairly-standard tower coolers as well. At Computex, TechPowerUp got to check out the CNPS10X Optima II, which is an updated version of the CNPS10X Optima that originally came out in 2011. Like its predecessor, this is a high-end single-stack tower cooler with four eight-mm heatpipes. The new version has an upgraded fan with a curious split-blade design that Zalman says offers increased airflow and reduced noise.

Zalman CNPS9X Optima CPU cooler at Computex. Image: TechPowerUp

Zalman's also displaying the CNPS9X Optima, which is a bit smaller than the CNPS10X. The fan on it also uses the Shark Fin design. According to Zalman, the CNPS10X Optima II will handle thermal loads up to 200 W, while the CNPS9X Optima will handle 18 0W of heat. Both coolers support the latest sockets, including AM4 and LGA2066. There's no word on TR4 support, though.

We haven't talked much about Zalman in recent years, but that might be because the company's products don't make it over here as much as others vendors'. Polish site WavePC reports on a litany of Zalman gear at Computex, including new cases, mice, and a physical wallet for cryptocurrencies. Hopefully we'll hear more about these products later in the year.

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