Nvidia releases firmware fix for boot issues with newer DisplayPort monitors

How about those fancy G-Sync HDR monitors, eh? If you got one and hooked it up to your GeForce graphics card using DisplayPort, you might be met with a blank screen or even a system hang on boot. That's not a good look for someone who spent $2000 on a monitor and probably another $750 or more on graphics cards. Fortunately, Nvidia already has a fix all ready.

The fault doesn't just concern G-Sync HDR displays; any monitor using DisplayPort 1.3 or 1.4 could be affected. Nvidia's fix comes in the form of a firmware update for most GeForce, Titan, and Quadro graphics cards based on the Maxwell and Pascal architectures. Both reference and third-party cards can (and should) be updated. Nevertheless, you'll want to  double-check the list of supported products on Nvidia's page to make sure the update applies to your specific card. 

Unlike most firmware updates, this patch is specifically for the cards' UEFI Graphics Output Protocol (GOP) support. The tool will rip your card's current firmware and then patch it. The GOP portion of the firmware resides in the midst of the image, and the patcher is designed to assume that your card has an unmodified firmware. Tweakers running custom VBIOS images will want to flash back to the default before running this patcher, as some folks have reported issues after patching modified firmware.

According to Nvidia, the actual cause of the issue is that the affected cards are missing DisplayPort features necessary to talk to these monitors, so the patch implements those features in the cards' UEFI GOP. The problem primarily affects the pre-boot environment before the graphics driver is loaded, although some unpatched systems may hang on the actual boot phase when connected to a monitor that expects DisplayPort 1.3 or 1.4 protocol negotiation.

You can grab the patch from Nvidia's site here. Folks still slumming it on 32-bit operating systems can grab their version of the patch over here. This is a firmware patch, so make sure you don't lose power or crash the system while patching. Thanks to Hexus for the tip.

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