Seasonic SCMD puts the kibosh on cable spaghetti

As usual, a bunch of cool products debuted at this year's Computex. Possibly our favorite thing to come out of the show this year is the Seasonic SCMD. That stands for System Cable Management Device, and it's a long, narrow box that sits behind your motherboard tray. Rather than trying to run modular cables around your system and into your power supply, you can simply route shorter cables from the SCMD to all your devices.

In theory, the SCMD could really clean up cabling for compatible systems, and we're sure many a gerbil is salivating at the prospect. It all depends on how it actually works in practice, though. It's not clear whether using the SCMD will require purchasing a power supply that includes it, or whether it's a standalone item that you can use with a competitor's units. In the images we have available to us, it appears to be paired with a specific power supply, which leads us to think that it's a feature of certain upcoming Seasonic PSUs rather than being a case accessory.

We have a lot of questions about the SCMD, and unfortunately Seasonic isn't sharing many details yet. We know it's being built in collaboration with Phanteks, and that it will include RGB LED lighting. The purpose of the lighting is a bit questionable considering that most cases don't have a window on the right side. The SCMD could make cases with a window on that side much more appealing, though. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more about this very interesting innovation.

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