be quiet! makes noise at Computex with new cases, coolers, and fans

The stereotypically hard-working and single-minded engineers at German PC component maker be quiet! have new products in just about every one of the company's product categories. The company showed off new or updated cases in its Silent Base and Dark Base families, plus a new cooler for AMD's Threadripper CPU, new fans, and a line of power supply cabling.

be quiet! Silent Base 601

Starting with the cases, be quiet! demoed the all-new Silent Base 601 and Silent Base 801 ATX chassis, replacements for the aging Silent Base 600 and Silent Base 800 models. The company will offer both models in windowed and fully opaque versions, each with three different front-panel trim colors. Both cases are made of steel with ample sound deadening material throughout. The side panels are removed by pressing a button on the back of the case that lets them release and pop out at the top. be quiet! says the angled venting for the intake fans was designed specifically for noise rejection. The 801 has an invertible motherboard mounting option, an included fan controller, and additional room for cooling hardware and storage devices.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2

The company also displayed a second revision of its existing Dark Base Pro 900 case. The most obvious difference from the original version is the addition of a removable PSU shroud. However, the company made a number of subtler tweaks, including changing the voltage of the included RGB LED strips to 12 V to enable integration with other manufacturers' light controllers. The maximum speed of the included fans has been cranked up from a pretty lazy 1000 RPM up to a quicker 1600 RPM, and the front panel I/O cluster trades away a pair of crusty old USB 2.0 ports for a ritzy USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C connector. be quiet! will also offer a retrofit kit for owners of the original Dark Base Pro 900 that adds most of the new features to the old model.

be quiet! Shadow Rock 4 TR4 cooler

AMD wowed the Computex crowds with the announcement that second-generation Threadrippers would pack as many as 32 processor cores and have TDPs as high as 250 W. We imagine many Threadripper 2 buyers will press the water cooling button immediately, but be quiet!'s Dark Rock Pro TR4 air cooler can take a shot at controlling four dies' heat output with its full-coverage copper base, seven matching heat pipes, and two large aluminum fin arrays. The company coats all the visible metal with its blackout ceramic-infused coating and straps a Silent Wings PWM fan to each of the fin stacks. Owners of existing Threadripper systems can swap in the new cooler without too much trouble thanks to a mounting system that doesn't require access to the underside of the motherboard, just like the every-chip-but-Threadripper regular Dark Rock Pro 4.

be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 fan

Not every system needs to shoo away the heat from a 250 W CPU, and be quiet!'s Shadow Wings 2 fans give away a little bit in terms of absolute performance in order to reduce their aural output. The company will offer 120-mm versions that spin at up to 1100 RPM and 140-mm models that top out at a barely-turning 900 RPM. The Shadow Wings 2 fans all use rifle bearings and will come in 3-pin and PWM variations. The company says installation will be a breeze thanks to integrated rubber isolators and a push-pin mounting system.

The manufacturer is also launching a lineup of 15 different individually-sleeved power cable extensions. The company says the extensions are fully compatible with all of its existing modular power supply models. The sleeved cables are all black, all the time, for a low-key look that is pretty much the opposite of what Lian Li was showing off in its booth.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2's new PSU shroud

be quiet! expects the Silent Base 601 ATX chassis to come to market in the third quarter of the year. The updated Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2, the retrofit kits for the existing DBP900s, and the cable extensions will hit shelves in July. The Silent Base 801 case, the Dark Rock Pro 4 TR4 cooler, and the Shadow Wings 2 fans will come in the last three months of 2018.

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