Boxx Apexx D5 can be the workstation of your dreams

The meaning of "workstation" changes a lot depending on who you're talking to. When I think of a workstation, I think of a desktop PC on super-steroids kitted out for CAD work, physical simulations, and other crunchy math tasks. As it happens, that's exactly what the Boxx Apexx D5 series is. These beefy tower machines can be equipped with a pair of Xeon Scalable CPUs ranging up to a pair of Xeon Platinum 8176es, offering a total of 56 Intel AVX-512-capable cores.

The CPU options might be the headlining feature, but it's not the only highlight of these machines. Boxx will outfit an Apexx D5 with up to 2 TB of registered ECC DDR4 memory running at 2666 MT/s. If GPGPU computing is your thing, you can buy one of these Boxxes with seven separate expansion cards, five of which can be graphics processors. You can select from high-end GeForce or Titan cards, Quadro units with or without NVLink, and even a couple of Radeon Pro offerings.

On the storage side, you can outfit an Apexx D5 with eight devices. There's an M.2 slot available to fill with NVMe SSDs up to 2 TB in capacity. Two bays for SATA SSDs likewise can be filled with drives up to 2 TB. If you need mass storage, the remaining five bays can be filled with additional SSDs or hard drives up to 10 TB in capacity. Amusingly, the Apexx D5 comes standard with a DVD±RW writer that you can upgrade to a BD-RW drive.

The stock configuration comes with a pair of Xeon Gold 5122 CPUs with four cores apiece, 64 GB of memory, a Quadro P2000 graphics card, a 512 GB NVMe SSD, a Sound Blaster Audigy Fx soundcard, and Windows 10 Professional for around $13,000. If those specs won't suffice, Boxx's website has a full-featured configurator so you can spec out the workstation of your dreams.

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