Intel's discrete graphics products will begin appearing in 2020

Ever since Intel added former Radeon honcho Raja Koduri to its bench of semiconductor talent, the company has been clear that it intends to make a renewed attempt to compete in the discrete graphics card market for both gamers and data centers alike.

New product development cycles in the industry begin years before shipping products appear, so it wasn't clear when the first fruits of Intel's newfound interest would arrive. Thanks to a report by analyst Ryan Shrout, we now know that Intel will begin shipping its next discrete graphics products in 2020. Intel itself confirmed the news in a separate tweet.

Shrout learned of Intel's plans during an analyst briefing conducted by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and Navin Shenoy, executive vice president of the company's data center group. Shenoy acknowledged that the company will be introducing GPU products for both the data center and the client markets. We still don't know how broad a range of products the company intends to introduce when it does re-enter the market, but Intel has at least put AMD and Nvidia on notice for when they can expect fresh competition in the graphics space.

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