New Noctua fans and heatsinks take a turn at Computex

Naturally, Noctua also attended Computex and showed off an array of new products. After launching the NF-A12 fan last month, the company produced a pair of coolers based on the new fan. The company also also showed off revisions of most of its classic heatsink series, color-customizable versions of the Chromax series coolers, and the a helping of A-series fans.

Image: Noctua

Starting off at the top, Noctua announced the fifth-generation U12-series cooler. This single-stack 120-mm tower cooler will use seven heatpipes running through its fin stack, which Noctua claims has 37% more surface area than that of its predecessor. Combined with the pair of NF-A12 fans strapped to it, Noctua says this little 120-mm tower can deal with a 220-W thermal load "nearly" as well as the legendary (and ludicrously large) NH-D15.

Image: Noctua

Possibly the most unusual product that Noctua showed off at Computex was the Noctua Desk Fan. The company's prototype appears to be an NF-A12 fan bolted to a 3D-printed air-shaping apparatus that itself is attached to a desk mount using a hinge. Noctua says the plastic part attached to the fan's face is called the Airflow Amplification System, and that the fan can be felt more than two meters away despite being completely silent. I'd sure like one for these Texas summers.

Image: Noctua

Intel's exhibition of 5-GHz, 28-core overclocking prowess certainly raised quite a bit of buzz at the show. Noctua is bringing out air coolers for socket LGA3647 that will come in 140-mm, 120-mm, and 90-mm versions. The company says it will have models available for chassis with 1U and 2U height, as well versions for both the standard and narrow socket mounting profiles. Unusually for Noctua, the Xeon coolers will come with thermal paste pre-applied.

Images: Noctua

Folks who fancy their cooling will no doubt be familiar with (or have used) one of Noctua's NH-L9, NH-C14, NH-U14, or NH-D14 coolers. All of those models are being revised, although the company says it isn't sure which revisions will actually make it to the market. We expect that the new coolers will come with A-series fans, which the company demoed at Computex in sizes ranging from 50 mm to 200 mm.

Image: Noctua

Finally, Noctua has a few additional products on the way. An eight-port fan hub that can be powered off a PWM socket or a SATA power plug is is coming up. The hub has magnets on the back so that you can stick it to your case. There's also a 24 V-to-12 V step-down converter, likely of little interest to PC builders but of great use to makers and other electronics hackers. This tiny adapter will allow those folks to run any Noctua 12-V fan in a 24-V environment.

There were a few other announcements at the show that I didn't have the space to cover here, so you can check out Noctua's blog post for pictures and more details. The new Xeon coolers will be released "shortly," according to Noctua. The rest of the products will be on the way late this year or next year.

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