Cooler Master MasterBox MB511 breathes deep

I'm a big fan of the looks of Cooler Master's MasterCase H500P. However, I'm not a huge fan of its cooling performance. The H500P's updated version eventually solved that problem with a mesh front panel. Now, Cooler Master is making sure it's not repeating the same mistake with its new case. The MasterBox MB511 is an entry-level ATX mid-tower that wraps the front of the case in a fine mesh grille tuned for high airflow.

On either side of said grille are large, similarly-filtered intakes surrounded by colored accents. With all those mesh surfaces, we reckon the MB511 should be able to offer plenty of airflow for cooling hot systems. Builders can mount a trio of 120-mm fans or a 360-mm radiator up front. Folks who prefer wider fans can use a pair of 140-mm fans or a 280-mm radiator. The top of the case can take two fans of either size, but is limited to 240-mm radiators. A further 120-mm fan or radiator can go in the back, and Cooler Master helpfully includes one of its own fans there.

Aside from the high-airflow design in the front, this case is pretty much what you expect from an entry-level chassis in 2018. The acrylic panel spanning the breadth of the left side is held on by four thumbscrews, and a partition separates the bottom-mounted power supply from the motherboard. The MB511 doesn't have any RGB LEDs, but that's to be expected given its affordable positioning. Builders can mount two 3.5″ drives, five 2.5″ drives, and seven slots' worth of expansion cards in the MasterBox MB511.

When the case hits the market, it'll offer red, white, blue, and black options for the colored accents on the front. Only the red option is currently up for pre-order, though. If this looks like the basic case of your dreams, head on over to Newegg where you can pick up one or two for $60 each. Newegg says the case will begin shipping on July 9.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 1 year ago

    I approve of the improved airflow but unless I’m mistaken, CM have [i<]replaced[/i<] the removable air filters with the front-panel mesh. IME, these things tend to show dust stuck to the intake mesh very quickly in anything other than a hermetically-sealed environment. This is why most vendors have chosen to hide removable, washable filters behind a grille/door/panel.

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