AMD offers i7-8086K winners a Threadripper 1950X trade-in

If you signed up for Intel's Core i7-8086K giveaway, won one, and have no intent of actually using it, you've got another option open to you now. AMD will be offering US residents a trade-in deal: give us the i7-8086K that you won, and we'll give you a 16-core Threadripper 1950X in return.

To make good on the deal, you will have to have won Intel's sweepstakes—this isn't a way to save $375 on a Threadripper 1950X for the general public. AMD says it has 40 of its flagship CPUs ready for folks who would rather give up the i7-8086K's 5-GHz single-core clock for the many-core grunt and quad-channel memory of the massive TR4 CPU.

If you qualify for the trade-up, why didn't you tell us you won? Kidding aside, if you're really interested, you'll have to head over to this page and "complete certain steps." What exactly those steps are won't become clear until June 25, so watch that page on that date to find out what you need to do.

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