Larrabee architect Tom Forsyth rejoins Intel

Intel has been adding big-name semiconductor talent to its bench at a rapid clip over the past few months, and it's added another such name to its roster with the return of Larrabee architect Tom Forsyth. In a tweet, Forsyth confirmed that he will be returning to the blue team as a chip architect under Raja Koduri in the Core and Visual Computing Group. Forsyth says he's "not entirely sure what [he'll] be working on just yet."

Forsyth was one of the key architects responsible for Intel's Larrabee many-core vector processor and its accompanying instruction set (best known today as AVX-512), and Intel has made no bones about its goal to introduce high-performance discrete graphics processors to the market as soon as 2020.

Given Intel's fresh enthusiasm for graphics—a zeal that was apparently lacking during Larrabee's development and ultimately resulted in its relegation to the data center as a high-performance computing part—Forsyth's expertise could play a role in massively parallel processing chips many years still in the future. Perhaps we'll hear just what Forsyth ultimately worked on at the end of one of the many-year cycles of chip development yet to occur.

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